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Paul Mas Estate Wines

Jean-Claude Mas aims to make wines with a “luxuriously rustic” character. Interpretation is everything, and it’s easy for the mind to spin on those words. These are classy wines from highly selective and ambitious cellars that punch above their weight classes (a.k.a. price points). Whether you enjoy them at your urban dining table or on a blanket spread in the countryside of southwestern France (the only way I can see “rustic” entering the picture), it’s pretty easy to feel the luxury of each sip, especially in the case of the Château Paul Mas Belluguette!

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White Wine Bliss: A Look at Dynamic South Africa

I am so jazzed to see so many full-throttle, high-quality wines arriving to the US shores from South Africa these days. At last! I used to drink most of this country’s ambitious to high quality wines almost soley in the UK. Here are some of my latest tastings of SA wines in New York City. I loved every one of these bottles.

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South African Gems

David Finlayson 2013 Chenin Blanc Single Vineyard Old Vine Camino Africana 13.5%: This characterful wine is composed of fruit harvested from bush vines planted in the Bottelary Hills of Stellenbosch in 1947. These vines are some of the oldest in the Cape.

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