Scaia: Parmigiano Reggiano Crumbs

Scaia is a Veronese term for Parmigiano Reggiano crumbs. The Castagnedi brothers, who also own Tenuta Sant'Antonio, use the name for their second label to playfully refer to the chunks of crumbly limestone found in their local vineyards.

Scaia 2018 Garganega/Chardonnay Trevenezie 12.5% $14
This 55% Garganega and 45% Chardonnay blend is astonishingly spicy and charasmatic. It is vibrant, youthful and clean with succulent yellow pear and sweet melon tones highlighted by pomelo zest. The palate tastes more medium bodied than its 12.5% abv would have made me think. Apparently that comes from its weekly battonage. Even the texture is gripping and vigorous, making it a dynamic wine by the glass and an excellent companion at the table. The intense, cracked white pepper tones combine with the lifting acidity to offer oodles of refreshment. My note from the previous vintage reads similarly; I'm now a devoted fan of this sassy bottling! 
Drink: 2019-20

Scaia 2018 Rosé Trevenezie 12.5% $14
A pale salmon, topaz-inflected rosé, this 100% Rondinella's fruit is rather bland and non-descript. Perhaps that's due to its weekly batonnage, but there is a void of fruit vitality that seems unusual for what should be a still youthful 2018. However, there is a nice spiciness and equally noticeable minerality that permeate the palate, making it a discreet rosé well-suited to the table. The excellent tension created by the tingly acidity reinforces this. I'm not sure if this is the best bottle, but it's perfectly pleasant anyway.
Drink: 2019-early 2020