Inama – My Stardard Setter for Soave

I’m not entirely certain, but I seem to remember that Inama’s was the first Soave Classico I tasted.

I think that any time you taste a wine for the first time, it becomes a standard bearer. As such, I feel lucky that Inama guided me to understanding Soave - the best of Soave, that is.

But, that was (gulp) 15 years ago. Both Soave, Inama and I have changed. What’s happy to note is that if we all have, I still think Inama is brilliant. Moreover, it’s not just the Soave that garners this impression from me, but also the winery’s reds, which are sleek, classy and minerally.

There’s much to dig into here, and with all the wines under $30 – and most under $20, there’s no reason not to get on with sampling them all.

Inama 2014 Soave Classico 12% $15
In a terrible year for almost all of Italy, this is a crazy-terrific wine. It smells of minerals and mint tea and tastes of cantaloupe, white peaches and chamomile. The palate is caressing, thanks in large part to its subtley integrated acidity and lightly viscous palate. Those two are highly unusual characteristics in Soave! The palate is dense in full-out flavor that leads into a medium finish. It drinks now, but it can hold on well for at least three years.
Drink: 2016-18

Inama 2014 Soave Classico Vigneti di Foscarino 12.5% $24
This wine may have only 12.5% alcohol, but it feels broader on the palate and richer in texture and depth of flavor than pretty much another other 12.5% white wine I have tasted. It is nuanced with toasted pine nuts and almonds, unbuttered but toasted Wonder Bread (yes, this is a highly USA-American reference) and flax seed. There’s not much fruit character, save some hints of dried lemons and yellow plums. Still, there’s so much complexity, it’s almost (pleasantly) startling. This wine would be brilliant with panko-crusted cod.
Drink: 2016-20

Inama 2013 Carmenère Più 13.5% $20
Suave and sophisticated but understated, this is a creamy and integrated wine with just enough lift to keep you going back again and again to the glass. It’s packed with black plum and licorice flavors that spread deep and wide on the palate and blast into a long finish. Still, it’s hardly showy, but it is highly intense while being utterly drinkable!
Drink: 2016-19

Inama 2013 Bradisismo 13.5% $30
This Veneto Rosso is a surprisingly aimiable blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Carmenère. It’s bold yet caressing on the palate with intense blackberry and blackcurrant flavors on the palate. It’s moderately juicy yet nicely savory. There’s loads of concentration and plenty of savoriness to pull this finish into a long and satifying denouement.
Drink: 2016-19