Trading a Plane Ride for a Pinot Noir

Benovia 2017 Pinot Noir Liberation Russian River Valley 14.2%
I love airplanes. So when I was invited to take a ride on The Spirit of Benovia, the renovated C-53 World War II aircraft that participated in the D-Day invastion, I was beyond excited. Then, realizing that other commitments wouldn't allow me to participate sent me into a tailspin.  

At least I had the chance to savor the wine crafted and named in honor of the plane to be released for the 75th "vintage" commemoration of that heroic WWII campaign to liberate France.

It is a classic Russian River Pinot Noir in its wholesome, broad-shouldered body and lightly oily-textured viscosity. This boldness is countered snappily, however, by mouth-drenching acidity accompanied by a tremendous energy of fresh fruit sappiness. Blueberries, açai and poppingly-ripe raspberries lilt through the palate into the juicy and long finish. While this punchy Pinot is ready to enjoy now, it has plenty of structure knitting together dense fruit flavors to allow it to age well for several years to come.
Drink: 2019-23