Mi Sueño 2016 Chardonnay Los Carneros – A Different Dream or Vision?

Mi Sueño 2016 Chardonnay Los Carneros 14.5% $42
Mi Sueño means “my dream” and reflects on the ambitions of founders/owners Rolando and Lorena Herrera. It was a Carneros Chardonnay that they first made together, marking the start of their Napa Valley adventure.

My proposed question in the title of a different dream or vision comes only from tasting recently two consecutive vintages of the Los Carneros Chardonnay. I was surprised but very interested in the evident differences. The 2016 stands in contrast to the 2015, which I reviewed with much delight last year. This 2016 wine is as charismatic. In fact, I find it a bit more compelling structure-wise, but its texture is markedly different. It would be nice to have the two side-by-side today, but as I remember so vividly the density and unctuousness of the 2015, I hope you’ll take my word on the 2016! This Chardonnay is much pithier, playing more on tannin notes to balance its robust, 14.5% alcohol. There’s lifting acidity that lends a hand, too. Well-balanced, this is more of a wine for the table than most Carneros and Napa Chardonnays, including its predecessor. While I am surprised to taste the seeming stylistic change, I rather like it. Moreover, the dense flavor and solid finish suggest this has a while to hold in bottle without regrets.
Drink: 2019-22