Canned Oregon: Take II

I'm just back from a brief but wonderful weekend in Portland. Even in the city, Oregon vibes are so fantastically chill. Coupled with the beauty - and sensibility - of the Pacific Northwest outdoors, the idea of Canned Oregon (wine) is a no brainer. Good thing that the wines live up to the idea.

I tasted the very first round of these wines last fall. When the next edition turned up at my door right after I returned from Oregon, I was super psyched. My enthusiasm was well-rewarded with both the wines' quality AND the strikingly cool, new matte packaging. Oregon may be relaxed, but Oregon does have STYLE.

Canned Oregon White Pinot Gris NV 12.5%
This Pinot Gris is packed with sweet citrus fruits accented by a vibrant, lime squeeze-like acidity. The noticeable and pleasant oily texture is surprising for a Pinot Gris of 12.5% abv, which tends to be a bit sharper at lower alcohol levels. The medium finish of persimmon and sweet spice is enticingly moreish.

Canned Oregon White Bubbles NV 12.5%
Zippy and zesty, this vibrant white sparkler tastes of spring with its aromatics of peaches followed by succulent sugar snap peas on the palate. Minerality swirls all around. Clean on the entry and dry on the finish, this wine's creamy palate provides graceful balance. 

Canned Oregon Pink Rosé NV 12.5%
Tasting of watermelon and tangerine, this easy-going pink is super sippable. Fresh and clean, its aromatics are dialed into pastures of spring flowers. It’s fun and approachable side will make it easy to love, even if it is straightforward on the palate. When you pour it into a wine glass it opens up with enticing licorice notes! 

Canned Oregon Pink Rosé Bubbles NV 2.5%
Light and lively, this dry rosé is a very gluggable wine. Its sweet nectarine scents start off a bit candied then turn into dried fruits as the wine warms up. There is compelling freshness and an unstoppable mouthwatering quality to this wine that is well-suited to outdoors activities, as the side panel of the can suggests!

86 (scored when lightly chilled)
Canned Oregon Red Pinot Noir NV 13.5%
Juicy with a full-ish body of plump red cranberries and dried, hard-stemmed herbs, this is a slurpable, flavor-filled red! This is thanks largely to its very modest tannins, which also make this juicy red very accommodating to a bit of a chill. It does very well with a picnic, a light meal on a terrace in warm weather or a pizza night snuggled into the couch!