Wine Books for 2012

I've assembled an ambitious line-up for wine reading in early 2012. In approximately this order, I'll be devouring these books!

Alice Feiring's The Battle for Wine & Love: Or How I Saved the World from Parkerization- Because I really like Alice's writing and just read her Naked Wine book...and I don't think the world is "saved" as the title suggests just yet. Whether the world needs to be "saved" this particular way is another topic!

Benjamin Lewin MW's In Search of Pinot Noir- Because Ben is a resolute scholar, and I adore this black grape variety fiercely.

Jamie Goode's and Sam Harrop MW's Authentic Wine: Toward Natural and Sustainable Winemaking- Because both men are sharp intellectuals and I'm on a tear to read the natural wine books coming out.

Katherine Cole's Voodoo Vintners: Oregon's Astonishing Biodynamic Winegrowers- Because this book is about biodynamics, I classify it under the umbrella of natural/biodynamic/sustainable books that I'm absorbing now.

Maria Thun's and Matthias Thun's When Wine Tastes Best 2012: A Biodynamic Calendar for Winedrinkers- Because I'm curious to see if my tasting experiences will agree with their writings.

Jeannie Cho Lee MW's Asian Palate: Savoring Asian Cuisine & Wine- Because Jeannie is a mastermind of flavors...and a friend. This will be a nice change of pace after the natural/biodynamic/sustainable book streak.

Jacques Dupont's LE Guide des Vins de Bordeaux (in French only)- Because this is the culmination of Jacques' lifetime of tasting and touring Bordeaux. Like Jasper's tome on Burgundy, this will surely be something I read and re-read for years.

Neal Martin's book on Pomerol (pending publication)- Because this is my favorite appellation in Bordeaux, followed closely by St. Julien. Hmm...looks like Bordeaux may be developing into a second book theme for the year....

If you have any thoughts on these books or on others that I should add, please do let me know. Here's to a great year of perusing the thoughts of talented wine writers!