Gamble Family Vineyards 2017 Sauvignon Blanc Gamble Vineyard

Gamble Family Vineyards 2017 Sauvignon Blanc Gamble Vineyard Yountville $25

I recently tasted the 2016 Gamble Family Sauvignon Blanc Gamble Vineyard, so I am pleased to have the opportunity to taste its newest sibling so soon. The two are very soigné, with each still exhibiting lots of exuberantly youthful and tropical fruits.

The 2017 smells of Meyer lemon and nectarine peel before moving into more deeply ripe flavors. Tastes of passion fruit, jackfruit and star fruit gild the palate. Like with the 2016, perky acidity inserts itself distinctly in the back palate. It’s a bit angular and tart at first, but with food it works. The lingering finish pipes in ginger tea, chamomile and yellow cherry.

This wine’s diverse array of aromas and flavors aren’t too surprising given two factors:

  1. The wine is a combination of four Sauvignon Blanc clones – two each from the Loire and Bordeaux. Generally, the more clones used the more interesting the final wine.
  2. There’s a lovely oak component to carry the fruit, as 76% of the wine was fermented in oak barrels. This adds an understated, sweet caramel tone to the mid-palate as well as a rounded mouthfeel.

Finding a Napa Sauvignon Blanc under $40 is remarkable, and finding one this good is even more of a feat. This offers very good value for money when shopping for a Napa name tag!